Bibliobattle Festa 2011 in English "Broadening Horizons"

Date: May 29th 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Place: Clock tower, Kyoto University

Room: Room C

Language: English

Bibliobatte is a social book review game which was developed in the Graduate school of Informatics at Kyoto University.

We held Bibliobattle Festa 2010 in Super Networking 2010 last year.

That was really exciting!!

After the festa, Bibliobattle became more and more popular all over Japan.

For example, Tokyo prefecture adopted Bibliobattle as a main event in a cultural festival about "reading ability". NHK, the most famous TV channel, took up Bibliobattle as a news topic several times.

Now, Bibliobattle fest is BACK!!

Please join in Bibliobattle, talk about your favorite book which is  related to the topic "Broadening Horizons" and enjoy discussion in English.

You (speakers)  can bring your favorite book to the event.

You can talk about the book to the audience in 5 min as a Bibliobattler :-).

The most popular book will be elected as a "Champion Book of the Day" by the audience and speakers.

Bibliobattle Official Site


Tadahiro Taniguchi (Dept. of Human and Computer intelligence, Ritsumeikan University, Associate Prof./ Representative of Committee of Bibliobattle) @tanichu

Supported by Committee of Bibliobattle


Masayuki Okamoto (Toshiba / Representative of Tokyo  Branch)

Hiromitsu Hattori (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Infomatics)

Angelica (Iwama Lab. , Graduate School of Infomatics )

Takashi Furusho (CEO, Nippon Institute of Agroinformatics Ltd.)



What's Bibliobattle???

Bibliobattle is a style of social book reviewing. 

In Bibliobattle, participants introduce their favorite books 

and select a “Champ Book of the Day” at the end. 

Sometimes a theme is set for selecting books. 

This is all about Bibliobattle.  It is simple, isn’t it?

Throughout this simple activity, we aim to enhance communication between the participants.

We have a short movie explaining the rules of Bibliobattle. 

Bibliobattle web site:

Search "Bibliobattle" in Youtube!! You can find many Bibliobattle videos!!!